CineSat for Air Traffic Control

CineSat - A new dimension in operational weather forecasting

View from a plane

CineSat assists your team in finding best possible answers to …

  • When will the weather front arrive at the airport ?
  • Will we need de-icing on this flight ?
  • Will the short runway at the destination airport have dried up when we arrive ?
  • Will the thundercloud cells identified in the radar image cross my flight route ?

Especially in those meteorological areas where highly precise short term forecast is demanded, CineSat proofs to offer the kind of value adding you would'nt want to miss again as soon as you've tried it once.

Brings more safety to aviation

Safety is a crucial factor in aviation. Conventional numerical model forecasts are based on measurements that are at least some hours old, and thus, do not always reflect the actual situation. This is an important risk factor for critical decisions.

CineSat uses the most recent and exhaustive measurements available - the weather satelllite images. No passenger and no airline would understand why these cloud measurements are principally available, but not fully exploited for their safety.

Forecasts based on satellite imagery are especially important in regions where only few observation stations are available, e.g. over ocean areas.

Makes flight information faster and more illustrative

Convective Cell Trajectory Prediction
Cell motion forecast over Europe

In practice, the forecaster has to provide within a minute's time an ad hoc assessment of the weather development for different geographical areas in response to a pilot´s telephone request. Having operational nowcast products available, that are ready to use without further preparation, reduces the response time, errors and subjectivity, and leaves more time for higher level interpretation.

Showing to a pilot the satellite image animation of the weather development of the next few hours leads to an instant understanding of the meteorologist´s forecast and assessment of the situation.

A verified technology

CineSat methods and results have been validated in long-term studies and in continuous and successful operational use by the European Space Operations Centre, the Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology, and the German Weather Service.

Air Traffic Control authorities as well are very satisfied and convinced by the high-quality forecast results of CineSat.

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