Nowcasting Analysis Display
Automated Real-time Weather Analysis
Operational Weather Forecasting


  • Advanced real-time image analysis and nowcasting
  • Cloud development and convective cell analysis
  • Prediction of cloud motion and future satellite images
  • Seamless full Earth mosaics and RGB composites
  • Motion-interpolated AVI and MPEG Movies
  • Universal Image Browser at breathtaking speed
  • Convenient and fast handling of full size satellite images
  • High-speed animation with interactive zoom and pan
  • Map Editor with 60+ adjustable projections
  • GIS overlays, Front Editor, Drawing Tool, Color tool, Image Converter
  • Reads and converts all MSG and many other data formats
  • Flexible RGB Color Composites of any satellite channels
  • Advanced pixel inspection, statistics, 3D pixel view
  • Full WMO station model with more than 250 user parameters
  • Simultaneous zoom and scroll in multiple image windows
  • Fast animation of more than a Gigabyte of image data
  • Interactive zoom and pan even during running animation
  • AVI and MPEG movies of selected image regions
  • Automatically update your website with new animations
  • Easy set-up of automated processing chains
  • Integrate own scripts, macros, programs, menu items
  • Server roles, multi-level and update-resistant configurations
  • Open interfaces, Research Testbed
  • Full 8 / 10 / 12 / 16-bit and 24-bit True Color Processing
  • Highly accurate and validated methods
  • Advanced data householding and clean-up, and system monitoring
  • Very stable and proven system performance

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