Nowcasting Analysis Display
Automated Real-time Weather Analysis
Operational Weather Forecasting

CineSat - Interactive & Automated

Interactive ...
  • Multi-window, true color image display
  • Many formats, 1 to 32-bit and true color
  • Readout windows - pixel values, pixel regions, statistics, line profiles
  • Interactive access to more than 60 projections, 50 image filters, and dozens of meteorological image processing functions
  • Map Editor, FrontEditor, DrawingTool
  • Powerful color tools and GIS overlays
  • Easily handles loops with hundreds of high-resolution images (Gigabyte loops)
  • Interactive zoom & scroll during running animation
  • Simultaneous zoom & scroll in multiple image windows
  • Create your own menu items, integrate own scripts, macros, and programs
Automated ...
  • Fast & reliable real-time product extraction
  • Flexible import and conversion of your data
  • Customized weather analysis and forecast products (images, tables, overlays, movies)
  • Develop your own weather products, test them in case studies and run them on real-time data without changing a single bit
  • Define your data processing menu driven or by Unix scripts
  • Easy interface to your other applications
  • Fast and accurate real-time algorithms
  • Configurable distribution of result data
  • Watchdogs, timers, log facility
  • Process monitoring and result display with a web browser
  • Directly feed your web servers with real-time forecasts and animation movies
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