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CineSat is a professional software suite for high-class satellite meteorology and early disaster warning. Detect severe weather, get forecasted weather movies and automatically update your intranet with latest incoming data and analysis products.

CineSat combines best validated methods with high performance tools. Designed for speed, accuracy, flexibility, and international interoperability.

CineSat opens to you a look into the near future

A special feature is the convincing, high quality prediction of satellite images several hours ahead. CineSat's special strength is the real-time computation of unique analysis and forecast products. But you will also find all other tools and features you may expect from a modern weather analysis and forecasting software.

Advanced real-time analysis and nowcasting

Advanced real-time analysis and nowcasting

  • Cloud motion and cloud development
  • Satellite image prediction
  • Convective cell analysis, trajectories
  • Flexible RGB color composites
  • Advanced pixel inspection, 3D pixel view
  • Statistics, image arithmetics
  • Map editor, 63 projection types
  • Seamless full Earth composites
  • Full WMO station model with
  • more than 250 configurable station parameters
  • Automatic Weather Products
  • Highly accurate and validated methods
  • Stable, reliable, and proven system performance

CineSat Highlights - Nowcasting, Analysis, Display

CineSat Highlights - Nowcasting, Analysis, Display

  • Process geostationary & polar orbiting satellites
  • Rich interface set: GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, HDF5, PGM, PS, EPS, GRIB, BUFR,
  • HRIT, LRIT, HRPT, all standard MSG data formats, open data interface …
  • Automated and interactive processing
  • Analysis tools, more than hundred image processing functions
  • Easy set-up of automated processing chains
  • Full 8/10/12/16-bit and 24-bit True Color processing
  • Automatically update your website with real-time animations
  • AVI & MPEG movies of selected regions
  • Motion-interpolated movies
  • Universal image browser at breath-taking speed
  • Interface to standard GIS overlay formats
  • Drawing Tool, Front Editor, geographical data sets
  • Unlimited number of overlay layers
  • Convenient and fast handling of full-size satellite images
  • Open dozens or even hundreds of concurrent display windows
  • Simultaneous zoom and scroll in all open windows
  • Fast animation of more than a Gigabyte of image data
  • Interactive zoom and pan even during running animation

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