RHEL 7.6 now available


The RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 operating system has recently been released. It will serve as basis for CineSat software development in 2019, and RHEL 7.6 will be the baseline for new customer systems in 2019.

Over the past 15 years of application development under Linux, the cooperation with RedHat and their support helped to resolve many issues regarding performance, hardware compatibility, and programming issues related to changes in the Linux kernel.

In particular, RedHat will be the preferred choice for new Dell servers that are being delivered with pre-installed operating system, because Dell support will require an operating system delivered and certified by Dell. In case of hardware repair and changed spare parts, RedHat support may be a significant advantage.

The CineSat Support Team can provide full support for all configuration and administration tasks on RedHat systems, since all our development and office backend systems are based on RedHat Enterprise Linux.

CineSat on RedHat Enterprise Linux
RedHat Lifecycle

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