Full support of RHEL/CentOS 7.6 and KVM virtualization


With version 4.16, CineSat will fully support RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 as well as KVM virtualization of CineSat servers and clients. Xen3 support finally dropped.

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 has been released in autumn 2018. We have successfully completed porting of all Cinesat components to this latest oparating system version.

RHEL 7.6 / CentOS 7.6 now serve as basis for current CineSat software development and as baseline for new customer systems in 2019. With release 4.16 your CineSat systems will be up-to-date with latest computing environments. This release will ship early May, 2019.

Virtualization Support
  • KVM: CineSat has also been successfully tested and optimized for most recent KVM virtualization on RHEL/CentOS hosts.
  • VMware: CineSat clients may also run as virtual VMware workstations on MS-Windows hosts.
Xen3 Virtualization no longer supported

Some older CineSat releases are still operated on RHEL5 / Xen3 virtualization environments

  • Support for old Xen3 systems will be finally dropped end of May 2019
  • Migration to latest RHEL7/KVM environments is strongly recommended

The CineSat Support Team can provide full support for all configuration and administration tasks on RedHat systems, since all our development and office backend systems are based on RedHat Enterprise Linux.

RHEL 7.6 now available
CineSat on RedHat Enterprise Linux

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