Software Glasses for Meteosat-6 / Die Software Brille

Täglich Alles, 1995-11-23

Die Furche, 1995-11-30

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Technical Project Information

1994 - Meteosat-6 Anomaly Correction: The Software Glasses

Meteosat-6 Anomaly Correction

GEPARD is the only company to successfully propose and implement a solution for the on-ground correction of the Meteosat-6 radiometer anomaly.

Two of the three satellite image channels suffered from an anomaly of unknown source that distorts brightness values in an unpredictable way. The temperatures measured by this satellite differed up to 15 degree Celsius from ground measurements and the reference satellite.

1995 - Saving the Meteosat-6 Mission


GEPARD's 'Software Glasses' correct a highly variable and unpredictable radiometer anomaly in real-time at ESOC and EUMETSAT ground segments. The quality of the corrected images is comparable to those of the reference satellite. This solution has become known as 'The Software Glasses'. It saved the Meteosat-6 mission and the costs for an entire new satellite.

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