Early death of CentOS: CineSat released for Rocky Linux 8.4


Today, we released CineSat for Rocky Linux 8.4 the successor of the deprecated CentOS operating system.

Sudden Death of CentOS

With first release of CentOS 8, Redhat had announced a 10 year life-time until 2029. Until 2021, CentOS was an operating system built from a stable, enterprise-ready RedHat OS release.

But by December 2021, RedHat will dump further support for CentOS - 8 years earlier than planned - and will turn CentOS into a pre-release stream of its RedHat Enterprise Linux with update paths that cannot be reliably used for production environments.

Rocky Linux continues CentOS

Since early summer 2021, Rocky Linux is a sufficiently stable successor of the earlier CentOS. The project is lead by the original initiator of CentOS and is being backed by industry resources.

Rocky Linux is ...
  • built from stable RedHat Enterprise Linux releases
  • 100% bug-for-bug compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Rocky Linux 8 will have a life-time until 2029


The CineSat teams has switched to development on Rocky Linux.
All CineSat software developed on Rocky Linux will be 100% binary compatible with the corresponding RedHat Enterprise Linux release.

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