Many new features & improvements in CineSat 2022


Even faster cloud-motion analysis, new concept for RGB-image products, superior thunderstorm products.

With partial funding by the Austrian government, we could develop a number of new and very promising methods for supporting operational weather services.

Based on extensive research over the past years, we can announce many improvements in the CineSat weather analysis system in the spring and summer releases 2022.

  1. Using a new optimization method for accellerating cloud motion analysis by
    • a factor of 4 compared to previous CineSat releases, and
    • a factor of 30 compared to standard methods used in other systems
  2. New approach to thunderstorm cell analysis based on AI and fuzzy logic
  3. New approach to classical “RGB images” by switching to feature analysis - like convectivity, fog, etc - independant from input source and day-time.

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