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  • CineSat and GEPARD websites will move in February, 2021
    The CineSat website, the GEPARD website and the CineSat support pages will move to a new CentOS-8 platform in February, 2021....
  • CineSat for RedHat/CentOS 8 released
    Today, we released CineSat V4.82.1 - the first certified release for the RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 and CentOS 8 platforms....
  • CineSat 2020 release V4.72.2 available
    This CineSat release has been optimized for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 and drops support for previous RedHat operating systems in accordance with our customers' update cycles....
  • CineSat 2019 release V4.16.2 available
    Several data interface patches and system performance improvements have successfully been back-ported to 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 platforms, which are still being operated by meteorological centers.
  • Full support of RHEL/CentOS 7.6 and KVM virtualization
    With version 4.16, CineSat will fully support RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 as well as KVM virtualization of CineSat servers and clients. Xen3 support finally dropped....
  • RHEL 7.6 now available
    The RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 operating system has recently been released. It will serve as basis for CineSat software development in 2019, and RHEL 7.6 will be the baseline for new customer systems in 2019. ...
  • High-speed 64-bit CineSat
    High-performance has always been an outstanding feature of CineSat. The new and optimized 64-bit version pushes CineSat's data processing to a new level....
  • New CineSat website
    The CineSat product website has been migrated into a Wiki structure. ...
  • From 32 to 64 bit
    With deployment of next generation servers in 2018 and 2019, only 64-bit applications will be supported and CineSat and all of its 3rd party tools and libraries will be 64-bit, too. ...
  • New EU Data Protection Policy implemented
    Web portal updated to be fully compliant with applicable EU data protection rules. ...
  • CineSat patch V4.14.4 available
    Several interface issues with new EUMETCast data have been rectified in CineSat V4.14.4. ...
  • RHEL 5 support will end in December 2018
    RedHat's support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 ended already a year ago on March 31, 2017. But since this is still the main platform at user's sites, CineSat offers support of this outdated operating system for
  • CineSat Spring Release 2018 V4.14.2
    The CineSat spring release 2018 V4.14.2 is now available for download. ...
  • New GEPARD office address
    We finally moved our office. Please note our new address for all corresspondence, deliveries, and invoices....
  • CineSat 2018 Release Candidate 4.14
    The software release candidate V4.14.0 is now available for download by registered testing sites. ...
  • HTTPS web services
    All GEPARD web sites and web services have been moved to secure web sites. ...
  • News archive and outdated documentation purged
    When moving CineSat web services to new secured servers, we decided to purge the news archive and other outdated information and documentation related to old CineSat releases....
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